With MICHELIN you can increase your efficiency thanks to its products offering top performance in conditions involving lateral and forward movement over hard or even snow-covered surfaces.

MICHELIN boosts your efficiency

Since MICHELIN Radial technology was invented in 1946it has been a guaranty of durable, resistant versatile products. For you in your daily work the benefits result in greater efficiency for your agriculture equipment.

MICHELIN BIBLOAD HS offers greater resistance to hard surfaces

MICHELIN BIBLOAD Hard Surface has been created to satisfy a new use by farmers and breeders who spend an increasing amount of time running over tarmac surfaces: farmyards, roads between silos and storage sites, trips to access fields and towing activities... For some farmers, the amount of time spent on hard surfaces can be as much as 50% of the working time of agro-industrial vehicles.

MICHELIN BIBLOAD HS is the first tire to come with a diamond-block tread pattern. The greater height of its blocks improves tire traction on “lubricated hard” surfaces (hard base with ¾” to 1 ¼”  ofgreasy mud) and snow-covered ground, and the diamond shape of its blocks also gives it greater stability on roads, whatever the speed.  



Our recommendation to increase your efficiency

The tread pattern of the MICHELIN BIBLOAD HS constitutes an innovative tire solution, offering longevity, comfort, stability and resistance to aggression. It thus offers:

  • a greater ground contact surface,
  • 96 lugs which, in turn, come into contact with the ground to reduce the vibration felt by the driver,

improved traction thanks to the “step-by-step” effect that enables the tire to alternately generate grip on the left side and then on the right,

a multi-directional block that offers optimum 360° stability,

a protective shield over the entire sidewall for greater resistance to aggression.


MICHELIN BIBLOAD HS is a tire developed specifically for hard surfaces. In the same range, MICHELIN proposes the XMCL , a tire with tread developed for use on soft ground. 

MICHELIN at your service

The MICHELIN technical sales team is here to listen to you and give you expert advice! In its effort to support customers, MICHELIN sends more technical farming teams out into the field than any of its competitors. So you can be certain you will receive the right advice on tires for your needs and therefore be able to optimize the performance of your agricultural machines. 

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