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Optimum longevity for your trailer tires

Designed for a long tire life

  • Limited scrub thanks to
  • high clearance angle
  • More rubber to be worn
  • Notched lugs to improve
  • flexibility and flattening
  • to improve regular wear

Outstanding endurance

  • New VF casing designed
  • for robustness and low pressure impact
  • Steel belted

Crop protection

  • Rounded shoulders
  • Ultraflex Technology for low soil compaction and optimized yields

Puncture and aggression resistant

  • Steel belted
  • Extra rubber
  • between the lugs


  • Specific tread pattern design
  • From blocks to lugs
  • Wide and divergent inter-lugs
  • No “closed” areas

Excellent road handling

  • Central RIB for robustness
  • Steel belted
  • CTIS compatibility for optimized pressure on the road and in the field


  • Sweeping lug design for excellent traction and lateral stability


trailxbib at work
Dimensions by rim size
VF 560/60 R22.5 166D IMP TL
VF 650/55 R26.5 174D IMP TL